Monday, February 7, 2011


I saw and learned the most amazing thing tonight.

Before I explain, let me just say that I am by NO means the kind of girl to be softened by "baby happenings". However, tonight, while spending some much needed girl time with my nine-months "with-baby" friend, I got to see a baby move, and was proven wrong. I don't know how I've gone almost 25 years without ever witnessing this, but I have. Every now and then, in the middle of our conversation, I would see a knee (or foot or elbow) roll across her belly. She then proceeded to tell me that the baby had the hiccups. Hiccups? Really? I love it.

That's it. I just think that's amazing. It's when stuff like that happens that makes me wonder how people can not believe in God. 2 years ago I would have probably said it creeped me out, but thank goodness for growing up.

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